The environmental impact of the energy industry is diverse


I’ve heard things described from A to Z

And they always start out, “basically”

It’s basically good, or basically bad

It’s basically happy, or basically sad

It’s swept through the nation like a great flood

“Basically” is basically in everyone’s blood.

When you get down to basics, basically for me

I hear it and tune it our automatically.

Basically has become a boring refrain.

Basically, “basically” drives me insane.

Sick of Basically 

BadJelly the Witch (playlist)

This was an all time favorite of Kids living in New Zealand in the 1970's My brother and i used to listen to this on radio every Sunday morning

Lynne & Carmel Episodes in One

Lynne Postlethwaite talks with her friend Carmel about the various goings on in her life. This is one of the best known characters from Fast Forward and Big Girls Blouse and made a huge impact on Australian culture, with people still quoting things like "I said pet, I said love..." Australian comedy at its best. Staring Magda Szubanski as Lynne and Jane Turner as Carmel. Both these actors also perform major characters in the Australian TV series Kath & Kim.